The most modern laser for pipes and profiles with DDL technology – the first in Poland

We present another novelty in our machine park. Mazak FG-220 is the only laser of this type in the country, so we are very proud that we have become its owners. We focus on the latest generation technologies, which translates into the quality of services offered to our clients.

Check what characterizes this modern machine, as well as what we have gained by participating in the EMO Hannover 2019.

Mazak DDL laser for pipes and profiles – characteristics

The new laser machine, which has become part of our machine park, is stands out by the highest level of sophistication. The DDL system, or Direct Diod Laser, is described as revolutionary. It allows to significantly increase the efficiency of sheet metal cutting. That”s why the laser is very precise. It works not only accurately but also quickly, and also:

  • has the function of automatic centering, as well as cutting out material of large dimensions and irregular shapes;
  • produces shorter wavelengths than fiber lasers;
  • it is energy efficient, has higher energy efficiency than any fiber laser; consumes up to 5 times less energy than a CO2 laser
  • it is an ergonomic machine with high performance. Efficient work is guaranteed by excellent absorption of the laser beam by the material, regardless of its thickness and type;
  • has a touch sensor that ensures the highest precision of cutting;
  • is equipped with threading head.

DDL laser for pipes and profiles is an intelligent solution. It allows to significantly increase the quality of our services and improve the production process.

“Neva” at the EMO Hannover 2019

We are constantly developing and modernizing our machine park, looking for ways to increase the efficiency of performed tasks. In the second half of September, we participated in the International Trade Fair of Machine Tools and Machining EMO Hannover 2019, where we were looking for inspirations.

By gathering knowledge and at the same time learning about the latest world technologies in the field of machinery and tools, metalworking and process automation, we were able to create our own concepts for the development of “Neva”.

We have been confirmed in the belief that we are taking the right actions to consolidate machines and robots controlled by people with information systems, as well as the Internet.
At EMO Hannover 2019, we had the opportunity to meet companies from around the world that function similarly to ours. The exchange of experiences turned out to be very productive and helpful when planning further investments in technological facilities.

We are changing for you

Running a technical service enterprise requires openness to constant change. We are ready for them. Every day we work on concepts that take into account the upcoming changes in industry. We want to be a step ahead of our competition so you can always be ahead of your own.