Innovative welding robot – intelligent technology for your company

We present a novelty in the machinery park of the “Neva” Technical Company – ABB IRB 2600ID Welding Robot with Fronius TPS400i Puls / CMT power source. Below we present the details of this modern machine with a mysterious name. See what it can do!

Why ABB?

We decided to buy the ABB welding robot for several reasons. As one of the world’s most important producers of industrial equipment, robots and software, this company supports production processes in many countries, positively affecting the quality of products and the safety of employees operating individual machines. We know the ABB range very well – we trust it fully.

The latest generation ABB IRB 2600ID Welding Robot recently supplying our machinery stands out with:

  • CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) technology, which is characterized by a very small amount of heat transferred and an extremely stable welding arc. This technology allows welding of very thin materials, as well as obtaining excellent results when joining various materials, for example steel and aluminum; the use of such technology minimizes chipping;
  • convenience, as well as simplicity of use, with an intuitive interface – these features significantly affect productivity and increase comfort at the service station;
  • advanced software, equipped with, among others, Collision Detection system. Thanks to it, the robot does not come into contact with an object standing in the path of the device’s arm;
  • great parameters characterizing the welding process – high precision and repeatability, optimal degree of current, as well as welding speed;
  • long life – it is a machine that rarely fails and serves industry for automation for many years.

The ownership of this laser machine by “Neva” company significantly improves production processes, allows us to carry out projects for the needs of our clients with even greater precision and efficiency. Welding time is also shortened, so we are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers at convenient times.

We invest in development

We are well aware of the fact that many modern industries are developing incredibly fast. In order to offer services at the highest level, fitted to the needs of enterprises in the country and abroad, we devote great attention to our machine park. We are constantly investing in new machines and robots, we ensure that software for particular models is up to date.