One company, many services. Advantages of a modern machine park

In search of a company that offers comprehensive services in the field of machining materials such as metal, aluminum or plastic, you can find many interesting propositions. Particularly worth attention are companies that, thanks to continuous investment in machinery and improvement of team competence, offers modern solutions for various industries.

What to look for?

A multitude of various orders carried out by manufacturing companies for automotive, construction and industrial companies makes employees master the processes of laser cutting, cutting, bending and hardening of material. By cooperating with a modern technical company, you can count on versatile operations.

Comprehensive services.

The wide range of offered processes means that by exceeding the threshold of a reliable company, you can be sure that a team of professionals will carry out various tasks for you, from turning or CNC milling to welding, cutting in various materials. Having modern technological facilities make possible to combine many tasks, what brings effects in comprehensive technical services for companies.


All work is carried out independently by employees – at location. Then there is no need to outsource any tasks or cooperation with subcontractors. Total responsibility for specific projects rests with the company with which you sign the contract, not with several smaller businesses.


Many years of existence on the market of technical services teaches a lot. Thanks to that, you can not only gain professional competence, build technical facilities, but also focus on excellent work organization. Companies such as the “Neva” Technical Company adapt to the dynamics of changing market conditions every year. That allows them to aspire to be a trustworthy brand, not only on the local market, but also on the domestic and European market.
The distinguishing feature of manufacturing companies, that you should focus on, is also an innovative way of thinking and professionalism.

21st century machinery park

“Neva” is an example of an excellent symbiosis of human professionalism and advanced machines. Thanks to modern, innovative, reliable welding robots, lathes and milling machines, we complete every order with almost surgical precision and the greatest care. To meet diverse needs of customers from all over Europe, we have created and are constantly expanding our machine park, equipped with the machines of renowned brands such as: MAZAK, HAAS, BYSTRONIC, ABB, MITSUBISHI, MIGATRONIC, FRONIUS, LORCH.

Cooperation with professionals pays off.

Be one of satisfied recipients of technical services. Trust entrepreneurs who cooperate daily with customers from country and abroad.